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First Entry..... [Feb. 10th, 2004|02:15 pm]
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[music |****Redneck Girl******]

I thought I would begin this journal to show my progress throughout this season to show what I'm running, what changes I've made, what progress my horses are making and keep track of things that I feel are important.
To start off this season, I am pretty busy!! I began the season this past Jan. 21st at our first CCBR show. Kassie ended up placing first in a bunch of events and ended up with high points. Dixie placed second to high points that day. Both ran a 20 on barrels. Kassie and I messed up on flags and potato race missing the bucket on the last barrel both times. Dixie did wonderful but just wasnt fast enough for the day.
I am members of a bunch of different clubs this year. Including, CCBR, CCWHA, Ez Run, and AQHA to name a few. I hope to sign up for some more I'm just not sure which ones I want to do this year. I'm youth director and county rep for CCWHA this year so hopefully that will be a good experience.
There's a trail ride in Jacksonville and a barrel race in Archdale this weekend so I'm not sure which way I will be headed this weekend. I was going to go to the trail ride but Niki called and said I can't keep the horses at the barn so I'm not sure what I will do yet.
Dixie is getting close to delivering her foal and she's moodier than ever. She barely wants to be touched, doesn't chase the horses like she used to, just sniffes at them and pins her ears back. Ellie is very emotional, wanting all kinda of attention, but I think she has a whole lot longer than Dixie to go. I checked Dixie's milk yesterday and it was still clear but sticky. Also I checked her hind end and it was very soft almost like a jello! I'm going to enclose the pasture tonight to give her some quiet time and hopefully make her more comfortable until she delivers. Maybe a little less distracting.
I will write more tomorrow!!!!!

[User Picture]From: iridehorseys
2004-02-11 12:54 pm (UTC)


The mare I barrel race on, her name is Dixie too! Her registered name is Ticket To EZ Street and the girl I bought her from called her Ticket, but I thought that sounded like a boy name, so I wanted to change it. I decided to name her Dixie because she's "Ready to Run" like the Dixie Chick's song. Cute huh?
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[User Picture]From: tuff1430
2004-02-11 01:31 pm (UTC)

Re: hehe...

Yeah that is cute!!!!! I named mine Dixie because there's a group of us that run together that call ourselves the Dixie Angels..(name came from one DRUNK night!LOL) so her registered name is Dixie Angel.... But I just call her dixie cause the other is too hard to scream when Im pissed! LMAO....
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